The Three Best Men’s Suit And Ties Shops In Hanoi

Along with the continuous development of world fashion trends. Men’s suit fashion market is also developing dynamically, today, today suit fashion is not only used in weddings, but successful boys also choose to use them in communication and daily work. If you do not want to spend time you can choose to buy available. With a fairly soft price, Korean style design, it is also extremely easy to order a beautiful, cheap ready-made men’s suit now. If you are wondering where to buy a nice men’s suit in Hanoi, read the article below of the Tran – Men’s Suit In Hanoi – Ties In Hanoi


 1. THEVEST – Men’s Suit In Hanoi


Men's Suit In Hanoi

Thevest is the pioneer in selling young ready-to-wear Veston. Thevest’s customers are young people entering the family building age, young and dynamic and elegant office customers.

Over 8 years of operation and development, Thevest has gradually gained the trust and love of customers, customers always have good feedback on products such as standard design, good materials. But in the process of operation and development, customers also added to Thevest that the product was not diversified in terms of design and design. This restriction stems from the preferences of each customer differently. While Thevest pre-sold goods can only be met by the majority, while a few customers want to break the way, want more choices, Thevest cannot satisfy. Because of this limitation, Thevest launched a tailor-made product line, with this product line, customers have a multitude of choices from fabrics, colors, designs, but customers lose 10 time. days to have products for me. With this product line, Thevest commits that each product of the customer is tailored to fit the shape of each specific customer, giving the customer a dashing appearance, creating an impression and easy to show off. style.

Thevest wants to bring a new lifestyle that is better dressed with suit every day to Vietnamese gentlemen, suit is not just for solemn events, you can wear a more diverse suit in different occasions. and still looks great. Simply dressing well is also a way to show respect for yourself and everyone, as well as show a good personality. Men’s Suit In Hanoi

Contact information:


152 Thai Ha, Hanoi
308 Hue Street
Phone: 0963 289 968


2, Venesto – Men’s Suit In Hanoi

Men's Suit In Hanoi

Ties In Hanoi

Men's Suit In Hanoi

Ties In Hanoi
Is a brand name ready-to-wear, tailor-made, Italian-style designer clothes number 1 in Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh. By always listening to customers and exchanging information from artisans from Italy when producing the Veneto suit gives men clothes that are fine-tuned from small details that bring pride of the leading Vietnamese brand suit, providing exquisite Italian-designed men’s fashion products that have been selected for many years.

Venesto products are made of high quality materials such as: Wool, cotton, bamboo, calfskin, … designed for all ages of customers. The esteem and trust of customers has helped Venesto create a firm position in the high-end men’s fashion suit in Vietnam, which has always been the main driving force for Venesto to constantly innovate and develop. during the journey over many years.

Venesto is proud to accompany more than 50,000 couples with elegant and classy smiling suits.
Venesto Wedding Suit products are highly appreciated and satisfied by customers with high quality imported fabric & standard form for Vietnamese.
Design diversified styles – colors, following design trends in Italian standard style.
Proud to be the gold sponsor for the team U23 FC Hanoi club – U20 – Hoang Anh Gia Lai club
Always accompanying Vietnamese stars, famous people. such as – People’s Artist Hoang Dung – Actor Anh Tuan – Vietnamese Anh Actor – Fanshionista Thuan Nguyen – Van Hau – Bui Tien Dung, Nguyen Quang Hai …
Contact information: Men’s Suit In Hanoi


27 Quan Thanh – 0981 398 996
259 Chua Boc – 0973 541 918
Phone: 0981 398 996



3. CAVINO – Men’s Suit In Hanoi

Ties In Hanoi

Ties In HanoiMen's Suit In Hanoi
Impressive color tones
For many people who love suit fashion, CAVINO is not a strange name. CAVINO is a prestigious men’s suit brand and chosen by many gentlemen in Ha Thanh. It specializes in tailoring – pre-sale men’s and wedding suits with super-standard design, high-quality materials and impressive tones, contributing to honor the elegant and classy beauty of Vietnamese men.

A suit shop in Hanoi,
Quality products
Not only impressing with good product quality, affordable price, but CAVINO also makes customers satisfied by the friendliness, enthusiasm and professional working style of the sales staff and even customers. CAVINO is always the most welcoming and welcoming to the product whether or not.

Contact information:

Address: 287 Truong Dinh, Hoang Mai, Hanoi
Phone: 0968320135
Ready sewing price: 1.650.000 – 5.500.000 VND / set

Ties In Hanoi Ties In Hanoi