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  1. Kitonali Bespoke Tailoring
Kitonali Bespoke Tailoring, Hà Nội

Tailoring in Ha Noi

Tailoring in Ha Noi

For a touch of Savile Row in Hanoi, head over to Kitonali, one of the most well-known tailor shops in Hanoi. The prices here are slightly higher than your average Hanoi tailor, but the extra cost is worth the high-quality products that are made by an exceptionally skilled staff. The store is frequented by astute businessmen, entertainment celebrities, wedding grooms, and the like. There’s an excellent fabric selection on site, including wool, merino, cashmere, silk, and mohair. Brands include Dolce Taylor, Inizio, Marzoni, Dormeuil, Scabal, and Loro Piana.

A suit Tailoring in Ha Noi here will cost you around 250–350 USD, depending on what material and style you choose. At Kitonali, you can even get a matching pair of handmade shoes and accessories to go with your outfit. After you get your first piece tailored, ask the staff to save your measurements. When you head home, you will undoubtedly want to assess your wardrobe and see what other updates you will need.

Kitonali Bespoke Tailoring, 27-29 Gia Ngư, Hàng Bạc, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam, +84 93 611 41 61

2. Chuong Tailor

The suit is the “creation” that is specific to men, for what the most luxurious and powerful a man can stand in. And in the numerous lines of suit fashion, the top is probably the Bespoke Suit with unique values. Bespoke are suits, shirts sewn according to the measurement of the customer’s body. Each outfit is made according to the customer’s requirements for materials, colors, … to provide an experience of fit and originality. Moreover, the outfit also “speaks” the personality and color of the owner of each outfit.
Indeed, the level and value of bespoke suits is indisputable and if you are looking for a reputable Tailoring in Ha Noi that can bring you the best bespoke suits, Tailor chapter is always the first choice.
Tailoring in Ha Noi
Tailoring in Ha Noi
You may not own a good physique, but you will still wear beautiful and “quality” everyday with exquisite tailor-made suits from Chapter Tailor. With a combination of the famous fabric brands Scabal, Dormeuil, Fill Cerruti and Holland & Sherry. Chapter Tailor has consulted and perfected for many customers the extreme “tailor-made” suits with a standard form that cover the body’s imperfections and fully uphold the confident attitude and temperament of the successful man. reach.
With cleverly calculated parameters, detailed measuring ratios, tailoring techniques from well-trained artisan hands and selections from the world’s most renowned fabric designers, socks Both are carefully researched by Chapter Tailor to bring different style experiences and respect for the wearer!
Behind every bespoke suit of the Chuong Tailor brand are always challenging and aspirational stories, starting with the feeling of each customer when experiencing the overall products and services at Chuong Tailoring in Ha Noi. Starting from the passion, made with heart and wholeheartedly for fashion, Chuong Tailor has received the trust from special international visitors who always pay attention and affection for Vietnamese brands and the land. s-shaped.
SHOWROOM 1: 103 Giang Vo, Hanoi
Phone: 024 3736 8166
SHOWROOM 2: 34A Tran Hung Dao, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Phone: 024 3934 9999
SHOWROOM 3: 28 Cua Bac – Truc Bach, Hanoi (Coming soon)
SHOWROOM 4: 119 Nui Truc, Hanoi
Phone: 024 3736 5627
SHOWROOM 5: 111 Dao Tan, Hanoi
Phone: 024 3766 8775

3. Tailoring in Ha Noi – Huan Bespoke Tailoring.
About us
Starting from a small tailor shop 8 years ago with the motto: “We must definitely sew beautifully. If possible, take more time. If necessary, accept to do it again. But always good luck. ” Up to now, Tailoring in Ha Noi Huan is the number 1 reputable Veston processing unit in Ha Thanh founded by famous designer Huan. With more than 8 years of industry experience and more than 10 years of expertise, Veston Huan focuses on providing customers with a luxurious style but with its own unique impression hidden inside the needle thread. Veston Huan proudly accompanies more than 200,000 Vietnamese and International gentlemen and ladies. Coming to Huan Veston is coming to your values.
About our designer
Huan is a young designer from Hanoi, with over 10 years of experience in the field of fashion, designer HuanNguyen has asserted his name in the Vietnamese fashion industry through design products that have present at major fashion events of Vietnam such as Vietnam Fashion Week 2017, Ao Dai Festival 2016, Hue traditional craft village Festival, ….
Tailoring in Ha Noi
In addition to the professional work that is designed for customers of beautiful suits, the designer Huan always strives to open tailor-made classes, designed completely free for students who are passionate in fields, learn and use traditional materials to make the best suits, preserve the national cultural identity, create jobs for the people, … all towards that goal are : “Vietnamese people are proud of Vietnamese people. Challenging Chinese rivals, confirming the value of Vietnamese goods ”.
About our products
The main product of Huan is Veston that is meticulously and meticulously processed and conceived from the hands of Huan designer. We deal with the customer:
Huan Bespoke Tailoring
42A Hang Cot, Hang Ma, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
098 344 25 39
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