Tailoring Custom Suit Tran


– Taking customers to the heart – creating distinct fashion products – superior in quality and reputation for service

– Successfully building the garment system to become the fashion supplier to be loved and trusted by the most popular and private enterprises and individuals – raising the position of customers to another level.

– By aspiration and passion we strive to be – beloved brand – creative company – the most favorite company in the industry

– Reaching to become an operating unit and serve reputable and high quality customers in the central and central highlands


– Put on confidence – charm – power – success for customers through outfits

– Beauty for individuals and staff of businesses that the ceiling goes through

– With our passion and our best efforts, we want our customers to have many good experiences and success in their work when we go along with our fashion products.


1. Customer:

– TRAN is responsible for the customer’s time:

+ We stayed up late at night to get the clothes for customers to keep up with the opening day

+ We give up the unfinished dinner with our family to solve the problem of the suit for customers to get married

+ We give up lunch break to serve guests when customers need to contact order consultant

– TRAN is committed to and strictly implementing the quality of seam products and customer designs:

+ We choose the tailors and the best people in the central region to make high quality products for customers.

+ We closely check the product to ensure there is no one error even the smallest before delivery to the customer

– TRAN is responsible for their products with customers:

+ We are ready to be in front of customers immediately and listen to complaints about service and quality of customers.

+ Change to match customer trends

+ We put our customers’ interests and desires first – considering customer satisfaction as a measure of success

2. Staff:

– Working environment and culture:

+ We create a flexible working environment – dynamic – enthusiastic – creative and highly effective

+ Support and help each other anytime, anywhere in work to create exquisite products – the most elite and class

– Remuneration – welfare:

+ We respect and bring employees’ voices first – consider employees to be the most valuable assets of the company

+ Try to build a working environment so that all employees have high income and fair development for everyone

+ At the same time striving to implement the highest social security regimes – best

– Working mechanism:

+ We choose talented people to work and also ready to filter members who are not suitable for the apparatus

+ Simultaneously update the continuous process to make the machine more and more compact and highly effective

– Learning enterprises:

+ We uphold the spirit of learning – daring to think – encouraging learning – upholding the “learning business” policy – self-learning – surpassing oneself

+ Thinking differently – doing something else – we make seemingly impossible work possible

Facility 1: 146 Nguyen Hoang – Da Nang

zalo + viber 088 8888 416

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